911 We Remember by Lili Dauphin

It was ten years ago today
Our lives were changed forever
And while today is another day
It’s also a day to remember

We must remember those who passed away
And those who breathed the Twin Tower’s dust
More, those who used love to cut a passage way
And earned so many survivors’ trust

We must also remember the courageous people
Who this day toil to keep us protected
We must remember to keep our resolve full
And our strength a tower erected

Most of all, we must acknowledge this great land
And be proud to be a part of such a great entity
Where people’s generosity is always at hand
And our greatest strength is our unity

911 We Remember by Lili Dauphin


About lilidauphinbuzz

Lili Dauphin is the author of Crying Mountain, I Will Fly Again, My First Sin, I Will Touch The Sun, etc.. She's also a music composer. Her albums include: Crying Mountain, I am love.
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1 Response to 911 We Remember by Lili Dauphin

  1. This poem was written three years ago by Lili Dauphin. It was used for her yearly candlelight vigil in memory of the victims of 911. The poem can also be found on lilidauphinblog.com.

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