Interview With Liili Dauphin Part 2

In the Jan-Feb issue, we introduced you to Lili Dauphin, a writer who said she left Hispaniola with just an empty suitcase and mind full of experiences. She landed in the US and is now one of top writers from the region. Here is our continuation of the story. (Part I is also repeated in the current issue -select Lili Dauphin from the tabs above)

How/when did you develop a passion for writing?
My passion for writing began as a buffer to help me surmount my overwhelming odds as a child. Soon, it became my lifeline.

Some of the characters/stories you write about are based on your life experiences in Hispaniola, tell us what you remember most about life on the island?
I remember the natural beauty of the Island and its people. However, along with the joy came solitude and hardship. It was a conflicted paradise, but I have always learned to make the best of my circumstances, learn and grow. My efforts are in understanding and not in judging.

You mentioned that you arrived in the US with an empty suitcase and a mind full of experiences, how was the transition from life in Hispaniola to life in America?
America is the model for motivation. If you work hard, you’ll always triumph. We all need to be more appreciative of this beautiful land. America gave me a home and a place to do my most important life’s work and I’m very grateful.

You mentioned that your inspiration to write comes from a turbulent childhood and a culture that you are still trying to understand, tell us about that (turbulent childhood and what is perplexing about the culture)?
Growing up in a so-called third world country without parents can be overwhelming for any child. The superstition and the treatment of the restaveks have always been very difficult for my soul to bear.

Have you written or plan to write any of your novels in your native tongue (french)?
They will soon be translated into French and other languages as well.

Tell us about other projects you are working on?
The Tilou saga continues. She’s growing fast. Many surprises are ahead for my readers. As always, Tilou’s stories are poignant, exciting and inspirational.

You are being featured because of your accomplishments both as a person and as a writer. What advice do you have for aspiring talent who are faced with an abundance of challenges?
Thank you for your kind acknowledgement. Nothing in life comes without challenges. Of course, there are obstacles and voices from the past that we may have to dance around. Nevertheless, we should never give up on our dreams or listen to those who say: ”You can’t.” When you believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything.

Is there anything that we did not ask that you would like to add?
I wish to extend my appreciation to Karibbean Expressions Magazine for the concept of bringing together a Caribbean set piece of culture to the world. It is a vibrant and fascinating culture.

Carribean Talent Magazine found at February-March 2011 issue

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Lili Dauphin’s New Book

The buzz is that Lili Dauphin is working on something new. I wonder if it is an entirely new story or another book chronicling the life of Tilou?

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Lili Dauphin Close-Up

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Why You Should Love A Nice Guy

A little gem with comedic overtones – from Lili

Why You Should Love A Nice Guy

You should love a nice guy
Because he has a conscience
That will never die
So, he’ll treat you with prudence

He will listen to you
Because he is charitable
He is able to care for “you”
Because he’s emotionally stable

He will express his feelings openly
Because he has nothing to hide
He will love you only
For dishonesty, he won’t abide

He does not support betrayal
He knows it’s damaging to the heart
For that reason alone he’ll always be loyal
He will tell you where he stands from the start

He will never take you for granted
Because your well-being to him is important
Every little gesture will be appreciated
You need not worry about maltreatment

Because he’s not a narcissist
He’s able to give his attention freely
He’s honest and enthusiastic
And able to love you truly

He will never mislead you
Into believing that you ‘re the one
Until he’s sure that it’s true
Then you’ll be the only “one”

You ‘ll always know where you stand with him
Because there will never be an hidden motive
Hopefully, you will do the same
Because with him, you won’t need a laxative

He’s able to embrace your goodness
Instead of beating it down
He won’t make you feel worthless
And he won’t cause you to breakdown

So ladies, love a nice guy
It doesn’t matter if he’s shy
He will never make you cry
And he will also love your pie

Even if you’re not crazy about him
You should love him anyway
Or you’ll only have yourself to blame
Just find the way

He will never tell you a single lie
For he’ll know of its impact in your life
Nice guys don’t know how to be sly
So, go ahead and be his wife


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Karribean Expressions Magazine Interviews Lili Dauphin

The January-February edition of Karribean Expressions Magazine has printed an article about Lili Dauphin. In the next edition, there will be a Q & A with Lili. Karribean Expressions Magazine can be found online at The text of the article is as follows:

From the Island of Hispaniola, Celebrated Author Lili Dauphin
She arrived in the US with a heart full of remembrances, a mind full of experiences and an empty suitcase.

Lili Dauphin is a well-known Caribbean-American author and a best of generation chronicler whose enduring works are promises for tomorrow. Her prose is inductive and compelling with vividness, from the inner lives of her characters’ complexities, through innocent desires and hope, to the colorful Caribbean landscapes of the New World. Young readers speak of her work with enthusiasm and rapture.

Born on the Caribbean Island of Hispaniola, the young writer-to-be arrived in North America with a mind full of experiences, a heart of remembrances, and an empty suitcase. It did not take very long for her passionate output to exceed her personal belongings as she continued to write.

Lili weaves her stories from the fabric of her difficult though transcendent childhood encounters that lead the reader with dignity through a storytelling style, void of artifice and pretense. Her writer’s voice is a capturing rhythmic graciousness. Her creativity and mastery of her new found language add to its growth, in the same ambitious yearning that takes hold of all first generation authors who land on the shores of a dynamic, ambitious and forgiving culture. The task is always how to resonate; how to see; and how to present. But it all comes out in the end. As a result, the natural outgrowth for this remarkable author is a range of stories that are miraculous and hilarious as life itself – her life’s history as wondrous extrapolations, transformations and human anticipation. No reader is alone, since the characters find a place, and the path is always human endurance, in a listened-in lesson for her, and revelation for us.

In 2006, Lili’s debut novel Crying Mountain begins with raw material from her childhood journal, and the story follows Tilou, a young girl in a village named Tiville, so close to the rest of the world, yet so far.

I Will Fly Again continues another young girl’s tale. This time, Lili opens the door to our hearts and the gates of a surprising story of a girl enslaved by members of her own family. In reality, the story formulates a gripping first look into the harsh world of the restaveks, or child slaves of Haiti.

My First Sin is the story of an innocent yet intelligent nine-year-old girl who encounters betrayal and loss. The challenge of her spirit is bound by dutiful ritual and blind faith as she moves to preserve truth and validity in her treasured friendships, but most of all, in herself.

Lili revisits Tilou with Golden Soul, a story about an abandoned puppy in Clay Rouge. The unfortunate pooch is further rejected by a superstitious community that forces him to endure unbearable prejudice because of his physical characteristics.
Other books by the author include I Will Touch the Sun, for which she received the Irwin Award for Best Inspirational Campaign.

All Lili’s publications are available in bookstores and online.

Check out the February-March issue of Karibbean Expressions Magazine for the continuation and our Q & A with Lili.

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Friendship is a priceless commodity

Friendship is a priceless commodity
Made of love, consideration and integrity
A good friendship is based on commonality

The base of a true friendship is honesty
True comradeship cannot bear duplicity
Because its survival relies on loyalty

True friendships are never devoid of clarity
Real friends do value the meaning of sincerity
That’s why friendship is a priceless commodity

Lili Dauphin (

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Mr. Eagle and His New Pair Of Eyes

Lili uses animal fables to teach lessons.

Mr. Eagle and His New Set of Eyes

Mr. Eagle wasn’t always proud of his eyes, so he went and invested a lot of money in major laser surgery to have the best pair of eyes that money could buy.
“I got the best pair of eyes,” he snubbed at Mr. Hawk.
Mr. Eagle was so busy admiring his new pair of eyes that he failed to see the plane that ran him down.

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